How much does Sabe cost?
Please Contact Us so we can forward your interest to our appropriate regional partner.

Can a user account be logged into Sabe on more than one device?
No, a user may only be logged in once on one device. If a user attempt to log into Sabe on a second device he or she will, either, be denied or the first device will be logged out, depending upon the user's preferences.

Are there any options I should know about?
No. Sabe is offered as a complete service with no optional features, up-sell, license-imposed data limits, premium support, or other additional costs.

Is consulting available for Sabe?
Yes, but we prefer to, first, hear our customers' requirements and requests and attempt to meet them with Sabe by extending Sabe's functionality or knowlege base.


Can my company run Sabe locally on our own hardware?
Yes, for the same monthly price as the Cloud-delivered version of Sabe, but there are additional fees for installation and upgrades on your company’s server.

How fast of an Internet connection do I need to run Sabe?
100KBit/sec per user is usually sufficient unless you have very large DMS files.

How does Sabe print?
When running on your server Sabe can print directly to any of your network-attached printers. When running from the Cloud, Sabe supports CUPS printer queues for customer printers.  Alternatively, you can just view the report in your browser and print from there; Sabe uses PDF files for all reports, including customer documents like invoices and purchase orders.


How many Customers/Vendors/Items/Invoices/etc. can Sabe support?
Sabe can easily support 100,000's of Customers/Vendors/Items, etc.  There is no practical limit on the number of transactions, such as Purchase Orders and Invoices, that Sabe can support.

How many users can Sabe support?
The practical limit of users within a single instance of Sabe (1 company) is approximately 1000. There is no limit to the number of instance that Sabe can support, whether running on the Cloud or your server.

Migration and Interfacing

How can I import data from my current ERP into Sabe?
Sabe supports import from .xls and .xlsx files with pre-defined formats for up to a million or so records.  Any more than that and we should talk about using a different format.

How can Sabe interface with my other IT systems?
Sabe support a complete REST API and can call into external API's via REST, SOAP, and other protocols. Sabe has been interfaced to many CADD/CAE system and up-stream accounting systems. Contact us with specific technical questions or concerns.


Can I change or add reports?
Yes, all of Sabe’s baseline reports are available in a read-only folder on Sabe’s DMS.  You can copy one from there and use JasperReport’s designer to make changes.  From there, you can save it to a special directory in Sabe’s DMS to override Sabe’s baseline report or to add your own variant. See Reports for more information.

Can I change the layout of Sabe’s windows?
Yes, the definition files for all of Sabe’s windows are available in a read-only folder on Sabe’s DMS.  You can copy one from there but you’ll have to purchase Vaadin’s Designer tool in order to make changes unless you are able to edit the raw xml. See UI Definitions for more information.

Can I extend Sabe’s functionality?
Yes, but it’s not trivial and, unless you’re running Sabe on your own server, you’ll have to submit your code for auditing before we’ll allow it to be installed on your instance running in the Cloud.  It’s far easier and less expensive to submit a enhancement request or, if the changes you want are truly specific to your company, engage with us or one of our affiliates to create the new functionality.

Please contact us if you have any general questions no address by this FAQ.