Pull Manufacturing allows a user to define automatic manufacturing of an Item when required without the use of a Work Order or Repetitive Manufacturing.  This is commonly used when a semi-finished Item is manufactured when required and immediately consumed.  Pull Manufacturing is different than a Phantom Item as Pull Manufacturing if used for physical Items and only occurs when there is a need for the Item in question; if stock exists for the Item this stock is consumed rather than Pull Manufactured.

To enable Pull Manufacturing for an Itemsite, a Structure which is appropriate for Repetitive Manufacturing must exist for the Itemsite’s Default Manufacturing Designation, the Itemsite’s Supply Type must be set to “Manufacture”, and “Mfg. on Demand” must be enabled.  A Defined Location must be created for this Itemsite which set to “Quantum.”  From this point, any consumption from this Defined Location, as defined by normal Work Order Location Determination, will trigger Repetitive Manufacturing for the quantity that is greater than the required quantity, posted to the Quantum Location, and immediately consumed along with any quantity that was available previous to the Repetitive Manufacturing transaction.

Note that inventory may be transferred to a Quantum Location or may be posted to a Quantum Location from a Work Order or Repetitive Manufacturing as with any normal Location.  This behavior can be used to pre-load a Quantum Location with inventory prior to it’s consumption with the guarantee that Pull Manufacturing will be automatically used to prevent a synthetic stock-out, i.e. production is able to create the semi-finished Item on demand.