There once was a time when companies writing ERP software for small- to mid-term manufacturers were more concerned about their products and customers than whether or not they were trending in social media or what their stock prices were doing. These companies wrote great software, released new functionality often, worked hard to provide innovative tools, spent more on R&D than on Marketing and Sales, and truly cared about each of their customers. Unfortunately, most of these companies have been purchased by large holding groups and, now, are being run with a single goal: to maximum profit.

Our founders felt that this left a niche to be filled and started SabeSoft in 2008. Over the next 8 years, with an emphasis on current technology, unmatched functionality, a marriage of scalability and usability, and intense customer focus, we've developed the next generation of manufacturing solutions: Sabe.

With our mature competition chasing stock values and monetizing their investment and younger start-ups concentrating on bait-and-switch software licenses and flashy but punishingly limited ERPs, Sabe has emerged as the next evolution of manufacturing ERPs - modern, broadly scoped, with deep and rich functionality, and disruptively affordable.

But, as good as Sabe is, we completely understand that it's our customers that make it so. Our team knows the key personnel and challenges of each of our customers and relentlessly seeks solutions for their problems. Sabe is a great tool not because it was designed in a vacuum according to aging industry practices and reference material. Sabe is a great tool because it was designed to solve its customers challenges, brilliantly and one at a time. Every one of our customers knows that their requests are welcomed and encouraged and each eagerly anticipates the next (always future-safe) release of Sabe, looking over the release notes to see "what's in it for me?" Our trade is not writing software. Our trade is helping our customers run their companies more efficiently today than they did yesterday. And being able to make that same statement tomorrow.

We love making happy customers - Sabe is proof of that.

So if you're a manufacturing company in need of a real tool to manage and improve your business or are a consultancy as passionate about happy customers and beautiful and elegant solutions as we are, contact us. Don't think that you're too small or too large; if you make stuff or support companies that do, we'll have lots to talk about.