Welcome.  Rather than launching into a long stream of conscience I feel that, first, a short introduction to me and my company is in order.

I’ve been involved with smaller manufactures since 1999 on both the software and private equity sides.  I’ve founded two software companies dedicated to building software for small manufacturers.  They are my passion and building meaningful tools for them is my trade.  

And here’s why:

Small manufactures are the key cog in our economy and represent well over 95% of all manufacturing companies.  Whether they sell directly to end consumers or are a member in a long supply chain that ends at the largest manufacturing companies in the world, small manufacturers are crucial.  And crucially underserved.

While game-changing business philosophies such as Theory of Constraints and Lean are marketed heavily to larger manufacturers most small manufacturers have been passed by - not big enough to interest the large consulting firms and too complicated for smaller training organizations.  That can’t continue.  We can’t expect smaller manufacturers to absorb the challenges from larger firms with their streamlined product offerings and economy of scale, importers with lower labor and regulatory costs, and a steadily decreasing domestic workforce.  Small manufactures need tools to optimize inventory levels and production throughput to offset these challenges.

Smaller manufacturers need exactly what large manufacturers need.  But smaller manufacturers need it in a form that is more easily and quickly digested, and in a form that won’t costs millions of dollars nor require a complete refocusing of their entire operation.  More to the point, small manufacturers need a tool that allows iterative improvements back with a measurable return.

And that’s why I founded SabeSoft to offer a tool that, while suitable for large manufacturing companies, focuses on the challenges that smaller ones face everyday.  A tool that will help small manufacturers measure the result, item by item and workcenter center by workcenter.  A tool that delivers results in mathematical detail or a simple signal.  A tool that has a feature set the rivals the largest ERPs coupled with usability that bests the smaller and simpler ERP Apps.

We call that tool Sabe, and it’s different.  Building this tool is my passion.  I’d like to use this blog to share that with you and to explain why we do what we do and why we believe that Sabe is the best solution for small manufacturing companies.