You'll find that we tend to avoid the use of the initialism "ERP" when describing Sabe. We do this because we believe that ERP is so misused, representing everything from a small accounting system with some trivial inventory management to a massive, behemoth of outdated software with an equally outdated price tag, while, ironically, becoming so limiting in scope. Instead, we prefer talk about the needs that Sabe meets, the method in which we put it in front of our customers, the way we charge for it, and the relationships that we develop with our customers.

So let's not talk about ERPs, CMMSs, DMSs, CRMs, etc., and let's not assume that the more abbreviations we can list, the better. Let's, instead, talk about what Sabe provides:

But, more importantly, it's the level of functionality in each of these categories that sets Sabe apart. Sabe's inventory control supports 1000's of Locations with comprehensive Pick and Put policies. Sabe's Document Management system scales to millions of documents and petabytes of data, with full text-searching. Sabe supports multiple configurable Bills of Materials per item with 100's of items each. You can use Sabe's equipment management to make sure that your calipers are calibrated, your welding machines are running, your delivery truck's oil is changed, and your customers' maintenance contracts are serviced. Sabe's planning offers Theory of Constraints, ABM, and MRP planning policies with industry leading visualization.

And then there's the way we integrate these features. We don't sell Sabe per module or different levels of functionality. Sabe is a single product, with one low price. This means that we can integrate all of our functionality seamlessly, without having to worry about checking to see if you've bought a feature or an add-on.

We deliver Sabe in a web browser so there's no software to download or update, but Sabe doesn't look like any browser-based program you've seen. Sabe uses multiple windows, a comfortable menu system, with drag and drop, with data visualization, with drill-down and mash-up, with barcode entry, and with an integrated on-line help and support system. And we tweak Sabe just a little to run on your tablet or phone, so we've got a single product for both the desktop and mobile.

We don't charge more for a support plan and expect to get paid every time we answer the same question. We include on-line support with Sabe and answer each question in our support system and make the answer available to everyone, within Sabe. We understand that you're an expect in your field, but that your field isn't manufacturing, so we write white pages to help you understand not only how to use Sabe, but how to use Sabe to run your business better than you did yesterday.

Because Sabe is an ongoing service, listening to our customers and enhancing Sabe to meet their needs is in our DNA; we don't "make the sale" and sniff around for up-sell or development sponsorship. Our relationships with our customers are continuous and don't start with a sales order and stop with an invoice.


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