“What should I do next?” You’ve got a shop floor full of half-finished work orders, too much of some material, too little of other, late customer orders, and you just need a way out. Sabe can show you the way. With Constraint Statuses Sabe will show you, in real time, for what orders you have material, which orders are the most late, which orders have the biggest effect on your cash flow, and, most importantly, how to keep this mess from happening again.

You see, Sabe doesn’t believe in building a yearly forecast and, then, pushing it through your shop in the hope that the crystal ball was working that day. Sabe doesn’t plan with an MPS nor does it simply react to customer orders. Sabe supports Adaptive Buffer Management to build inventory levels based on past and cyclic consumption history. Then, with Constraint Statuses, Sabe discourages, or even prevents, the release of work order to the shop floor or purchase order to vendors when there are more productive options. Sabe will show the true cost of releasing work orders just to keep shop floor personnel working and, instead, throttle the flow of work through the shop floor at the most effective pace.

Then, when that last minute order that must, absolutely ship immediately comes flying out of the sales office, Sabe will guide you to meet that order as efficiently as possible, and will take into account the likelihood of a similar order in the future when developing inventory buffer levels.

The answer is clear, Sabe is what you should do next.