We’ve all heard the stories of nightmare deployments of traditional ERP packages: cost overruns, constantly slipped schedules, constant expensive hardware and software upgrades, and valuable data forever lost. These issues have become so common that they are synonymous of “ERP.”

Sabe is different.

Nothing to Install
You can chose to run Sabe on a computer at your site, but you can also run it from the Cloud, in your browser, on your tablet, anywhere you have an Internet connection. Sabe can print directly to your office printers so you don’t have to manually print report after report as with traditional Cloud ERP systems. You can be up and running in your private instance of Sabe in 5 minutes.

Easy to Migrate
And all of your precious data is safe inside of Sabe. Sabe supports data import via Excel files, so there no strange import tools or custom CSV formats. Export your existing data into Excel, name the columns to follow Sabe’s import naming convention, and upload the file to Sabe for import. Sabe wants it all - inventory transactions, Bills of Materials, G/L transactions, customers, vendors, all of it - if you can get it onto a spreadsheet we want to put it into Sabe.

Simple to Use
Start with Sabe’s workbenches, right-mouse-click to drill into data or post transactions, use data visualization to spot trends, open multiple windows to compare data and maximize productivity. Sabe runs in the browser but feels like a crafted desktop application, even on a tablet. Sabe’s integrated help system will lead you to information about each of Sabe’s windows and to white pages and blogs entries by Sabe’s architects to help you make the most of Sabe.

Ready for Growth
You might not have 100’s of users, 10,000’s of customers or vendors, 100,000’s of Items, 1,000,000’s of inventory or G/L transactions, or terabytes of documents. But you may someday. Sabe is ready for that day. Sabe squeezes the last bit of performance out of our, or your, modern computers to find, digest, and present massive amounts of data onto your desktop or tablet quickly and in a useable format. Sabe provides date and characteristic filtering that allow you to mine through your data to find the exact record you need as well as the ability to summarize data into meaningful pools to show trends and allow comparisons.

Most importantly, Sabe will start to work for you immediately. The day you start using Sabe is the day that you have access to Adaptive Buffer Management to right-size your inventory, Constraint Statuses to prioritize your shop floor, access to a fully indexed, terabyte-scale Document Management System, and everything else Sabe has to offer.