There’s a new way to deliver manufacturing functionality, and the big ERP guys don’t like it. Instead of buying a piece of software, installing it, “deploying” it, and paying for annual support, some of us think that there a better way to deliver a better quality of service in a far more appetizing package. Sabe isn’t a piece of software with a bunch of bells and whistles designed to check every mark on a potential customer’s RFQ. Sabe is an online service that moves your business from where it is now to where you want it to go. Sabe isn’t the hammer, it’s the instruction manual.

Sabe is complete; there are no versions, no modules, no options. There is just Sabe; we don’t have anything else to sell you. You pay a low fixed price per user per month and get access to all that Sabe is. And Sabe is always growing; we eagerly poll our customers regularly to determine what they need from Sabe and, then, we add it. We don’t up-sell, ask for “sponsorship,” or try gimmicky and disrespectful crowd funding campaigns. We constantly enhance Sabe with the goal of making it the single best instruction manual available to manufacturing companies.

Sabe will show you the way to streamline your business with the use of innovative signaling, best-of-breed support for the most effective manufacturing philosophies, an integrated interface that some of our users actually claim is “fun,” and a experienced team of practitioners constantly adding to Sabe’s knowledge base to make sure that our instruction book is complete, relevant, and actionable.

We don’t want to make a sale to you, we want to enter into a partnership where your success and subsequent growth is our reward.