Demand Driven MRP refines concepts found in Theory of Constraints to deliver a inventory replenishment philosophy that is easy to implement and understand and quick to deliver meaningful results. DDMRP can reduce lead times of manufactured items while ensuring right-sized inventory levels that automatically adjust as demand changes.

Most importantly, DDMRP works. DDMRP can be quickly implemented and delivers immediate results for companies of any size that maintain inventory or manufacture even mildly complex products.

Sabe is the first manufacturing ERP to be certified by the Demand Driven Institute as being DDMRP compliant. Sabe embraces the concepts of DDMRP and the demand driven enterprise by offering simulation and visualization tools and incorporates DDMRP signaling in every planning and production workbench, making DDMRP’s benefits hard to avoid and easy to embrace.

Watch our series of videos that detail Sabe's DDMRP support in action.

Sabe offers:

Adaptive Buffer Simulator to simulate DDMRP reorder policies over historical data.

Buffer Effect Workbench to help identify Items for including in DDMRP reorder policies.

Buffer Profile Distribution to visualize the status and progression of Inventory under DDMRP control.

Buffer Status Workbench to highlight the most critical Items in 6 different categories.

Constraint Statuses to indicate item and order priority and feasibility in a quick visual signal.



With a full toolkit for DDMRP, Sabe offers the best option for manufacturing companies in search of answers for long lead times, growing inventories, and increasing material constraints.

Find more about DDMRP at the Demand Driven Institute