Even with a powerful ERP system the modern business must contend with piles of paperwork to track and certify materials, orders, payments, and Customer and Vendor communication. Sabe’s fully integrated Document Management system allows its Users to quickly store, index, search and retrieve these documents.

Whether you need a tool to archive material certifications, track and control your company’s communication with your Customers and Vendors, or need a high-performance hub to distribute your own material certifications and Material Safety Data Sheets, Sabe’s full-feature, completely integrated Document Management solution is the answer.

Document Manager

Sabe Offers:

  • Comprehensive Access Control Lists to control internal and external access to Documents
  • Document Revisions and History to track changes in Documents
  • File system and Email insertions into the Document Management System
  • Web and Webdav support to integrate with web sites and external tools
  • Manual and Automatic Attachments to any data type, including Items, Warehouses, Customer, Vendors, and Vouchers
  • Multiple Volumes to support Terabytes of Documents