Capturing the design and managing the life cycle of manufactured Items is a challenge for manufactures of any size. Yet, without good engineering definitions, inventory control, costing, and product quality suffers. Traditional ERPs have answered this challenge with tools that provide an all-to-brief overview of engineering definitions, perhaps with odd, unintuitive graphical tools which distract from the goal of providing accurate data.

Sabe’s class leading user interface and functionality work together to ensure the high quality data that is essential for accurate operations. Sabe allows users to quickly and easily define and analyze indented Bills of Materials, complete with associated Operations, from a single workbench along with Inventory Location and Availability information, giving a 100 degree view of an Item's structure and the manufacturing and inventory operations required to produce it.


Sabe Offers:

  • Multiple Bills of Materials and Bills of Operations per Item to define different manufacturing processes at difference facilities or rework processes
  • Product Life Cycle Management with Revision and Release Control
  • Easy interface to third-party CAD systems to share and synchronize Item and Engineering information
  • Configurable Items with multiple levels of Configuration and a native Item Configurator to easily create Configured Items throughout Sabe, including while creating Quotes and Sales Orders
  • Extensive Costing Functionality including support for different Costing Strategies for Purchased Items and What-If Tools
  • Powerful Indented Bill and Where-Used Workbenches to explore and analyze the engineering structure of Items
  • In-Place Engineering Documents and Photographs with Sabe's integrated Document Management System

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For more information: Engineering Functionality Detail 

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