Sabe’s complete integration of its Financials with its operational functionalities provides a real time view into the financial effect of every aspect of a business without drawing focus away from core business polices and actions. Variances and unplanned expenses can be quickly mashed up to the offending business transaction or document, providing quick root causes analysis and correction.

Sabe’s Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable allow a business to simply manage its cash flow with quick receivables applications, aging reports, cash requirements projection and payment processing.

Trial Balance Workbench

Sabe Offers:

  • Batch-less Realtime Posting to the G/L from all Modules
  • Flexible Accounting Period definitions to support non-traditional Accounting Calendars
  • Comprehensive Account Assignments for Inventory Control, Manufacturing, Sales, and Purchasing activities
  • Automatically Dun Customers and send Customer Statements via e-mail or FAX
  • Consolidated Ledgers provide multiple flexible views into Balance Sheet and Income Statements
  • Make Vendor Payments via paper check, ACH, and wire transfers
  • Completely Digital Invoicing and Account Receivable
  • Penny-detail Project Accounting


For more information: Financials Functionality Detail

Consolidated Trial Balance Workbench