When equipment fails we stop manufacturing, we stop testing, our customers don't have power, or water, or can't run their own manufacturing processes. Unless you're in a dark cave weaving baskets, you and your customers need your equipment, vehicles, and manufacturing and testing fixtures to be running, on the road, and in calibration. Sabe is as good at managing your Equipment as it is at managing your manufacturing and keeps your purchasing, manufacturing, service, and sales departments in sync.

Equipment maintenance and repair should be integral to your operations. Keeping your customer's equipment maintained and operating is as important as selling it to them.

Maintenance Workbench

Sabe Offers:

  • Support for IoT devices, such as Amazon's Dash Button, to allow Digital Maintenance Requests
  • Equipment can be linked to Work Centers to prompt Sabe to route manufacturing steps away from off-line Equipment
  • Maintenance Orders can drive Procurement, Shipping, and Invoice procedures for Customer and external Equipment Service
  • Book internal and external Labor against a Maintenance Order
  • Maintenance Triggers allow you to set min/max, over/under, and date-related Trigger Points for Repetitive and Preventative Maintenance


For more information: Maintenance Functionality Detail