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Sabe is the only complete Business Management System that has been certified by the Demand Driven Institute as being DDMRP complaint.

Sabe is delivered from the Cloud via Amazon Web Services, allowing us to quickly scale up to meet storage and performance requirements and to keep our customers' data and documents secure and in compatible legal jurisdictions. 

     A former Platinum Level xTuple Partner, to help map your xTuple customizations to Sabe’s baseline functionality and configurations. 


Sabe's massive set of baseline technology and functionality is written in 100% Java 8 and JavaEE, giving Sabe unmatched performance and scalability while allowing us to deliver new functionality more quickly than our competition. 

Custom customer enhancements, when needed, are implemented in Groovy. Java's quirky, geeky, awesome first cousin!

Sabe uses PostgreSQL to store gigabytes of operational, engineering and financial data. PostgreSQL allows Sabe to deliver enterprise-class performance without an enterprise-class price.

All of Sabe's digital and hardcopy reports are rendered by JasperReports and are designed in JasperStudio, both open source tools that our customers can use free of charge.

Sabe runs in WildFly, a leading edge JavaEE standard application server.