By its nature, Project-based manufacturing can become cumbersome to manage. Separating inventory, tracking Project-specific costs, and monitoring costs during the initial phases of the Project and warranty costs and maintenance revenue after delivery is as crucial as it is burdensome.

Sabe's Project Management is more than a simple super-work order or a cost bucket. It allows you to run each Project as paired cost and profit centers within your firm. All direct material and direct and indirect labor and overhead costs, inventory, labor and financial transactions, segmented revenue, and resource consumption are allocated and booked to the related Project. All parent and child orders can be assigned to their related Projects and easily separated by related Project to allow your project managers to concentrate on meeting their goals.


Sabe Offers:

  • Assign Items, inventory, Equipment, Maintenance Orders, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Quotes and resulting Sales Orders, Invoices, Shipments, RMA's, and Credit Memos to a Project
  • Track all related Inventory, Labor, and Financial Transactions by Project
  • Compare total Project-related Direct and Indirect Costs against total related Revenue
  • Monitor Estimated, Planned, and Actual Costs during a Project's Lifecycle
  • Track Project-related consumption of Bottlenecks and compare against related Revenue to ensure Throughput Goals
  • Use Scrum burndown philosophies to track and predict progress of Project Tasks

Project Workbench