The Procurement Process is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood and mis-managed in small and mid-sized manufacturing. Proper vendor management and replenishment and fulfillment policies can reduce end-product lead times and focus inventory investment. Buying policies based on experience, intuition, and fear consume capital and warehouse space while doing little to improve throughput, customer satisfaction and profitability.

When used with Adaptive Buffer Management, Project-based Purchasing, Constraint Statuses, and digital purchasing, Sabe can guide your purchasing department to minimize stockouts by maximizing your inventory investment.

Purchasing Order Workbench

Sabe Offers:

  • Multiple Vendor Catalogs with Quantity Break Pricing and Contract Management
  • Vendor-Managed inventory with Automatic Purchase Order Generation for commodity Items via ABM
  • Support for Purchase Order Authorization limits and hierarchical authorization escalation
  • Digitally send Purchase Orders, Confirmation Requests, and Reminders and receive Shipment Advice and Vendor Invoices
  • 2- and 3-way matching during the Vouchering Process
  • Vendor Performance Analysis including ABC ranking, On-Time, Quantity, and Price Performance
  • Automatically attach Engineering Documents from Sabe's DMS to Requests for Quotes and Purchase Orders

For more information: Purchasing Functionality Detail

Vendor Contracts