It’s ironic that some of the most important philosophical advances in manufacturing management made in the last decades were because of poor performance from the very tool that was suppose to save manufacturers, the ERP. ToC, Lean, Kanban - all created to avoid the pitfalls of the nervous MRP explosions, obsolete data, and poor functionality of traditional ERP systems. It’s equally ironic, then, that Sabe is dripping with these philosophies; so much so that by using Sabe you are getting ToC, Adaptive Buffer Management, and Lean manufacturing for “free.”

There are no bolt-on tools, no third-party modules to buy, no expensive options to enable, no change-management consultants to rely upon. There’s just Sabe. A check box enables Adaptive Buffer Management, including the newest flavor, DDMRP. Constraint Statuses are ubiquitous in Sabe, showing the current and future buffer status of Items and orders to make it difficult to mis-prioritize your next step. Kanban? Digital or card-based, pick your poison - Sabe supports all of it, better than any other traditional ERP system does.

Then, every night, Sabe calculates inventory levels and optimal buffer sizes, Inventory Exposure, Constrained Value, and Buffer Statues to show you, in tabular or graphical data, where you’re improving and where you’re not. Where you can reduce inventory buffer levels without sacrificing customer service levels and where you can increase buffer levels to reduce order lead times. And how these changes have affected your company.

You don’t need a consulting team and a bookcase full of Theory of Constraint love novels. You just need Sabe.