The Sales Process is the first to drive purchasing, production, and revenue, so Sabe’s sales functionalities are designed to accelerate sales demand into the planning, purchasing, and manufacturing processes to quickly convert raw material into finished product and into cash, aka Throughput.

Sabe will show you, in real-time, sales orders can be shipped immediately, sales orders that are in jeopardy of shipping late, and your improving on-time shipping trends.

We understand your relationships with your customers can be complex, so Sabe supports special Price Schedule and Discount Schedule assignments to specific customers or groups of customers to minimize the effort of maintained exhaustive price lists.

Backlog Workbench

Sabe Offers:

  • Comprehensive support for Customer, Customer Type, and time-sensitive Price, Discount, and Commission Schedules
  • Reconfigurable Item Assortments
  • Integrated Item Configurator with Configurable Pricing
  • Simple Quote to Sales Order to Shipment to Invoice Processing
  • Backlog Management to define shipping strategies to best protect Customer Satisfaction while driving Maximum Revenue
  • Automatically send Invoices and Credit Memos and automatically dun Customers via e-mail or FAX
  • Define standard Freight Costs by Item or Price Schedule
  • Complete Sales History Analysis


For more information: Sales Functionality Detail