26 September 2016

SabeSoft announces stand alone available of Sabe's Adaptive Buffer Simulator, a Cloud-delivered tool that will load historical consumption and supply data from operational history or from an .xlsx file and perform replenishment simulations. The user may alter buffer sizes, buffer calculation techniques, and historical length and resolution to seeĀ in tabular and graphical form, exactly how ABM will react given different consumption profiles and buffer parameters. When historical quantity and supply is available, Sabe will compare the historical response to that offered by the simulation, showing potential savings in inventory investment.

Sabe's Adaptive Buffer Simulator is the perfect tool to visually explain how various buffer management techniques, including DDMRP, react to changing usage profiles, buffer and supply parameters, and average daily usage calculation strategies. This tool will be offered separate from Sabe for free for instructive use for the foreseeable future. Please contact SabeSoft to request access and an online account.