Sabe’s design and its technology stack is not only key to its performance and central to its functionality, but enables Sabe to serve as the hub of any fully integrated set of business applications. Built on open standards and technologies, Sabe’s best-of-breed performance also comes with a best-of-breed price.

From a small, single-server site supporting 15 concurrent users to a tiered, 1000 user, multiple location site, Sabe easily provides the connectivity, performance, and scalability required to make a bottom-line difference in any manufacturing company while enabling affordable growth and complete integration with internal specialty application as well as the business systems of valued customers and vendors.

  • Pricing
    • Price Schedules - Create special price lists with Effectivity and Expiration Dates and assign them to Customers and groups of Customers defined by region, currency, and/or Customer Type.
    • Customer Discounts - assign Customer discounts over Price Schedules or Item List Prices to quickly roll out exhaustive pricing policies.
    • Discount Schedules - create comprehensive, stackable, and editable discount schedules, assignable by Customer, Customer Type, and/or Customer Group.
    • Currency Aware - support price lists in multiple currencies or price lists which automatically convert into the Customer’s native currency to simplify international pricing policies.

  • Quotations
    • Import Customer Orders - automatically import Customer Purchase Orders as Quotes for quick countering and easy conversion into Sales Orders.
    • Multiple-Use Quotes - create multiple-used Quotations to easily support recurring Customer Purchase Orders without having to create premature Sales Orders.

Use Quotes to Pre-Stage Sales Orders for pro-forma and Customer negotiations which may be easily converted into Sales Orders.


  • Sales Orders
    • Backlog Management - proactively manage Backlog to meet business objectives and to identify inventory which is critical to meeting sales goals whilst ensuring customer satisfaction.
    • Integrated with Manufacturing and Purchasing - complete and seamless support for Make-To-Order, Configure-To-Order, Make-To-Stock, Buy-To-Order Items from within the sales process.
    • Pre-Shipping Support - quickly identify Sales Orders which are ready to ship and create inventory Pick Lists to prepare each order for shipment and, optionally, consolidate multiple shipments to minimize shipping costs.

Quickly create comprehensive Sales Orders which include physical and non-physical Items with embedded, real time Available-To-Promise guidance.


  • Shipping
    • Automated Printing - print all required paperwork, including Bills of Lading, Customs documentation, Shipping Manifests and MSDS with a single transaction.
    • Shipment History - maintain shipment history and all shipping documentation by shipping container.

  • Invoicing
    • Support for Special Taxes and Policies - complete support for multi-jurisdictional taxing policies such as multi-tier taxes, recycling and use tax and escompte.
    • Scaleable - automated and en masse functionalities to support large volume environments.

Streamline accounts receivable efforts by automatically consolidating, creating, and electronically delivering Invoices.


  • Returns Processing
    • Match and Reconcile - reconcile Return Material Authorizations against actual customer returns to ensure that accurate Credit Memos are being created.
    • Replacement Shipments - quickly reship replacement Items to ensure customer satisfaction and protect sales revenue.

Create Return Material Authorization to manage the receipt, disposition, and replacement or crediting of Customer returns with full Lot reconciliation.


  • Sales Analysis
    • Sales History - complete and comprehensive sales and booking analysis with filtering by Item, Product Category, Customer, Customer Type, region, and currency.
    • Historical Comparisons - data bucketing into user-defined calendars and currency normalization.
    • Commissions Tracking - earned and actual sales commissions tracking to track Sales Rep. performance and commission due.